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  • How much time are we allotted with a wedding rental?
    The venue is available to you the day before your wedding for rehearsal and decorating for up to 4 hours. The day of the wedding you are able to get there as early as 8:00am and due to county noise ordinances all events are to be over at 10:00pm. We allow next day cleanup but must be done by 12:00pm.
  • What is included with the venue rental?
    There is a bridal suite and a man cave that are included for getting ready prior to your wedding. Tables and chairs for up to 200 guests however we can accommodate for more if you chose to rent additional. We have multiple live edge wood tables and wine barrel pub height tables with chairs for cocktail hour. There are two bars, one inside the venue and one silo bar on the back patio. We have a large kegerator that can fit two full size kegs along with a beverage refrigerator. There are multiple waste bins on site and we haul all trash from the event.
  • Can I use my own vendors or do I have to pick from a list?
    You are able to choose all of your own vendors however the food catering must be approved by Tehama County.
  • Is there sufficient lighting for when it gets late and dark?
    The venue has LED lighting everywhere from the parking lot, to inside the venue, to the back patio and lawn areas. We encourage all interested parties to come visit and see how beautiful the venue is at night.
  • Is there ADA accessible bathrooms and parking?
    We have a wheelchair accessible bathroom inside the venue and multiple parking spaces that are ADA accessible.
  • Can cars stay overnight?
    We allow and encourage anyone that is either too tired or has had alcohol to leave their cars in our parking lot overnight. We just asked that the cars are picked up the next day by noon.
  • What happens if there is a power outage during my wedding?
    We have a built in generator that is capable of providing power to the entire venue in the event power is lost.
  • Is there anywhere to get ready for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen?
    There is a bridal suite with large mirrors, makeup stations, and built in lockers. The man cave is newly renovated and is a great space for the groomsmen to get ready and relax.
  • Is there a kitchen or area for the caterers to prepare the food?
    We do not have a kitchen available for cooking on site but there is a caterer's prep area. The prep area has a large commercial refrigerator and a large beverage refrigerator, two large freezers, ample stainless steel counter space, and a sink with hot water. There is plenty of space for food trucks and bbq trailers should your caterer need to cook on site the day of.
  • Are we aloud to take pictures with the longhorn cattle?
    There are multiple female Texas longhorn cattle in the fields next to the venue that are available for pictures.
  • Do we need to rent anything that the venue cannot provide?
    We are on a private property with a very sensitive septic system so we require all events to rent bathroom trailers or portable toilets. We have a list of rental companies along with their pricing upon request.
  • Do you allow pets at the your venue?
    Unfortunately we allow service animals only unless you have a special circumstance that has been cleared with the owners.
  • Do you have liability insurance?
    We do have an insurance policy for our business and the venue however we still require all events to purchase supplemental event insurance which covers the day before your event, day of the event, and day after.
  • What is the bar and alcohol setup?
    We do not sell any beer, wine, or liquor. However, you are able to bring in you own alcohol for your event. We do have a fee for bartenders based on amount of guests. You are able to have beer, wine, seltzers, and two signature cocktails. We have a kegerator available as well that can fit two full size kegs. There are two bars available to serve from, one inside the venue and a silo bar on the back patio of the venue.
  • Can we use candles, sparklers, or fireworks?
    Our property is located in a very high risk fire area and we do not allow any kind of fire to be used during your event.
  • Can we book the bridal suite for overnight stays?
    The bridal suite doubles as an apartment and is available to rent for your weekend for an additional charge. It can sleep up to two guests.
  • Is your venue permitted to operate in Tehama County?
    We have both an Administrative Use Permit to operate as a Wedding and Event Venue as well as a Commercial Building Permit for the venue building itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

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